Welcome to the Colesville, MD Tennis Ladder.

The CTL was started in 1976.

Please challenge somebody to a ladder match.
The number of matches played has been declining:

Year - Matches Played
2017- 64
2016- 68
2015- 63
2013- 98

While not restricted to players who live in the Colesville area, the rules request that matches be played in and around Colesville.
But all are welcome to join - the more the merrier!
Currently membership is free.
Just challenge somebody to a match or send email or 301-595-5744.

There are Two Singles Ladders: Open(OS) and Women's(WS), and Three Doubles Ladders: Open(OD), Women's(WD), and Mixed(XD). But there were no WD, WS or XD matches played in 2014! Please join and get these ladders rejuvenated! You may participate in as many of the ladders as you qualify for. Once on the ladder, if you don't play at least once in a month you will be dropped to the bottom along with other inactives during the regular season, which runs from April 15 until October 15.

All ladders are Pyramid Ladders. You move up the ladders by challenging players/teams above you. During the "month" of April 15 - May 31, you get one free challenge, with which you may challenge anybody on the ladder above you. Subsequent challenges are limited to those on your Tier and the two Tiers above you. (The top Tier has one player. The other tiers have one more player than the tier above it.) Challengers bring the balls.

If you win your Up challenge, you move to the position previously occupied by the loser(s), and they and all the intervening players/teams move down one position. If you lose, there is no change to the ladder. You may challenge as often as you wish, but you must accept all challenges and work out a mutually agreeable time and place to play (Rules & Regs). Socials: None planned for 2014-15.

Thank for your interest in the CTL.
If you have questions, call 301-595-5744 or send email to CTL.
Now, let's quit yakking and get on the court!