Colesville Tennis Ladder
One Day Round Robins

Sunday Oct 27,2002
Mens & Womens Singles
Final Standings

1.Deepika Mehta
2.Grace Gourdine/
Alfred Sesay
3.Cyril Bright
4.Rajnish Sinha
5.Daniel Gourdine
5.Richard Blank

Mens & Womens Singles

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Sunday Oct 27,2002

1.Al Lacey/Shawn Mandaikar
2.Que Chau/Raju Pakalapati
3.Farshid Moghimi/Vernon Clayton
4.Bob Goldschmidt/Larry Bivins

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Saturday Oct 19,2002 Womens Doubles 8:30 am
Final Standings:

1.Donna Shreve/Wen Hastings
2.Dorothy Sheehi/Mei Moy-Lui/June Dea
Womens & Mens Doubles
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Saturday Oct 19,2002 Mens Doubles 8:30 am
Standings (not necessarily Final):

1.Cyril Bright/Chi Lui
1.Al Lacey/Shawn Mandaiker
1.Dale Tavris/Jean Paul
4.John Prakask/Raju Pakalapati
5.Melvin Howard/Richard Blank
6.Glen Racine/Farshid Moghimi
7.Bob Goldschmidt/Que Chau
Womens & Mens Doubles

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Sunday Oct 20,2002 Mixed Doubles 8:00 am
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Final standings:

1.Lisa Rosenthal/Jerry Lang
2.Li Chen/Dave Mount
3.Grace/Dan Gourdine
Only the 3 Mixed Doubles teams above plus the team of
Bob Goldschmidt and Herb Walker participated.
Each team played one set against their 3 opponents.

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