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End of Season
One Day Round Robin Tournaments

Mens Singles Sat. Oct 27,2001
1.Robert Chandler
1.Melvin Howard
3.Rich Majewski
4.Sam Shaibani
5.Cyril Bright
6.Jean Paul
7.Alfred Sesay
8.Farshid Moghimi
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Mixed Doubles Sat. Oct. 20,2001
1.Trung & Minh Nguyen
2.Dale Tavris & Barbara McAlpine
2.Cyril Bright & Mavis Endaleh
2.Sam Lawhcharoen & Lisa Yanguas
5.Herbert Walker & Karen Butler
6.Farshid Moghimi & Donna Shreve
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Mens Doubles Sunday Oct. 21,2001
1.Cyril Bright / Sam Shaibani
2.Ken Jones / Matt Jones
3.Dale Tavris / Jerry Lang
4.Siva Pakalapati / John
5.Melvin Howard / Rajnish Sinha
6.Alfred Sesay / Jean Paul
7.Que Chau / Sanjay
8.Joe Young / Anthony Bantamoi
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Womens Singles. Sat. 10/27. Nobody played.
Womens Doubles Sunday Oct. 21,2001. Nobody played.

For Mens Doubles and Mens Singles we had 8 teams, so every team played 6 no-ad games against each of their 7 opponents. For Mixed Doubles, we had 6 teams so every team played 8 no-ad games against each of their 5 opponents. Standings are based on number of games won. Prizes: Four cans of balls for 1st place. Three cans for 2nd place. Two for 3rd. One can for everbody else that played all of their games.

Oct 13 social. Click here .

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