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Potential Tournament and League Players,
Please reply if you are still interested, or not, in playing in CTL Leagues and Tournaments.
I'm emailing this to players that signed up in the last 2 years for Leagues or Tournaments here:
Because they were the easiest to set up, I set up Proposed Open Singles Leagues Schedules and Tournament Draws Here:
I'll start working on the others (Womens Doubles, Women Singles, Open Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Mens Doubles) next and hope to be done in the next day or so.
You might want to see how I set up your Draw(s) League(s) before you reply to drop out.
I try to set up these Leagues and Tournaments every 2-3 years or so. Usually some players drop out when they learn what I had in mind and some signed up so long ago that they are no longer interested.
If you signed up for Open Singles and are still interested, please contact your first scheduled opponent and start playing.
The Draws and Schedules are set up for you but you must contact your opponent to schedule where and when you play. The Leagues and Tournaments are Free so you must provide your own can of balls. Winner keeps the unused can.
And there are no prizes. But because there are usually drop outs, I'll give a case (16 cans) or two (32 cans) of Penn tennis balls to be split up equitably among all players that play all of their matches. I need to determine what equitably means because a player that loses their first tournament match should not get the same prize as a player that actually plays all of their League matches. In some cases 7!.
If you have questions or suggestions (your League is too long, etc.) please Reply or call 301-595-5744.
I hope to have this email (and more) at new tabs here: 
Thank you,
Rich Majewski