May-July,2010 Leagues Schedule. Play 1 match every 10 days.
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Mixed Doubles
Emma Brijan Ellinor Donna Joan Eliza
By Date Cameron Gerrit Irving Dale Rich Dennis Won
Emma Cameron   15-May 25-May 5-Jun 24-Jun 24-Jun  
Brijan Gerrit 15-May   24-Jun 24-Jun 5-Jun 25-May  
Ellinor Irving 25-May 24-Jun   15-May 24-Jun 5-Jun  
Donna Dale 5-Jun 24-Jun 15-May   25-May 24-Jun  
Joan Rich 24-Jun 5-Jun 24-Jun 25-May   15-May  
Eliza Dennis 24-Jun 25-May 5-Jun 24-Jun 15-May    
Emma Lee, NTRP = 3.5
Cameron Byrd, NTRP= 3.5
Brijan Knaap 4.0
Gerrit Knaap 3.5
Ellinor Westney 3.5
Irving Westney 4.0
Dale Tavris, 3.5
Donna Graham Harris 3.0
James McNeal 3.5
Joan Marie Blount (2.5)
Eliza Green (3.5)
Dennis Gotcher 3.0
Carmen Clarke 3.0
Sandra Peterson, 2.5
Carmena Parris 3.0