May-July,2010 Leagues Schedule. Play 1 match every 10 days.
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Open Doubles
Dennis Eliza Yen Bernard
By Date Rich Asif James Quan Won
Dennis Rich   15-May 25-May 4-Jun  
Eliza Asif 15-May   4-Jun 25-May  
Yen James 25-May 4-Jun   46,63,61  1
Bernard Quan 4-Jun 25-May 64,36,16   0
Lost     0 1 1
1.Rich Majewski 3.2
2.Asif Rasheed, 3.0
3.Bernard Harris 4.0
4.Quan Tu 3.5
5.Yen Le 3.0
6.James McNeal 3.5
7.Eliza Green (3.5)
8.Dennis Gotcher