May-July, 2010 Leagues Schedule. Play 1 match every 10 days.
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Open Singles A 3.5-4.0
By Date Mel Konan Ernie Lew Bernard James Herb bye? Won
Mel Carter 3.5   13-Jun 12-Jul 23-May 2-Jul 13-May 22-Jun 3-Jun  
Konan Foley 3.5 13-Jun   23-May 12-Jul 13-May 2-Jul 3-Jun 22-Jun  
Ernie Graham 3.5 12-Jul 23-May   13-Jun 22-Jun 3-Jun 2-Jul 13-May  
Lew Hale 3.5 23-May 12-Jul 13-Jun   3-Jun 22-Jun 13-May 2-Jul  
Bernard Harris 4.0 2-Jul 13-May 22-Jun 3-Jun   13-Jun 12-Jul 23-May  
James McNeal 3.5 13-May 2-Jul 3-Jun 22-Jun 13-Jun   23-May 12-Jul  
Herb Smith 4.0 22-Jun 3-Jun 2-Jul 13-May 12-Jul 23-May   13-Jun  
Bye or TBD 3.5 3-Jun 22-Jun 13-May 2-Jul 23-May 12-Jul 13-Jun