Colesville Tennis Ladder
Saturday July 8,2006 Social

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to have your picture removed.

2 bubbles 1 small White Balloon
Barry,Shawn P. ,
Edward G.
John H.
Kim Serveing
Ken M.
Kip B. Serving
June & bubbles
Ronnie M. On Court 5 Ball From Court 4,
Ronnie M.
Nelson's Small Balloon
Michele Serving
Rich M.

Colesville Tennis Ladder
Saturday July 8,2006 Social
7:00 am - 3:00 pm

Directions: Click here .
3928 Greencastle Road

Six Courts
(newly painted blue on green)
(nobody beat us to them & the weather was ok)
(included food, drinks,
balloons, balls, courts)
Many Levels, Kids &
Non-Members attended
July 8 Social:
Prize for complaints/suggestions:

If you did not play enough or have a
complaint or suggestion, please send an email.
One can of tennis balls per person per complaint/suggestion.
And you must come to Greencastle Rd some Saturday morning to get it.

Prize to the most Social-able:

1) Sam Shaibani 15 players:
Sam played with 15 different players: Medaris Banks, Richard Blank, Cyril Bright, June Dea, Julie Wolff, Lois Becford, Nelson Lee, Ronnie Mancho, Bob Chandler, Ben Yee, Shawn, Sherri, John Prakash, Siafa Sherman, Kip James

2) Kip James 11 players:

Kip played with 11 players: Medaris Banks, Richard Blank, Cyril Bright, June Dea, Tina Hunter, Nelson Lee, Tiros Lee, Ken Mpare, Jean Paul, Ronnie Scher, Sam Shaibani.
Jean Paul? Was he there?

The player that played with the
most different players at the
July 8 Social wins 6 cans of tennis
balls or gets to be the Lead Singer in
the new CTL Rock N' Roll band!

Please send an email stating how many sets
you played and who you played with.

If you say you played in more than
6 sessions, it probably means that
you did not give others a
chance to play.

Deadline for entries is Aug 1,2006.

What was the average mini-set
playing time? 25 minutes?
Saturday July 8 Social
Thank you:

Fruit salad: Barry Remley
Ice chest & ice: Steve Heckelman
Drinks: Audrey Binder
T-shirts: June Dea
Lo-mein,chicken: Tiros Lee
Pictures: Donna Harris

Misc, including
scheduling players so
everybody played 2 hours
and all matches were close
(ended 4-3): Rich Majewski

Thank you:
80 Players
88 Attendees

* 8 didn't play
1.Michele Adams 
2.Joseph Ajayi 
3.Josh Asaka
4.Josh's friend Kurt
5.Maderis Banks
6.Kip Barbee 
7.Inez Basden
8.Lois Beckford
9.Audrey Binder
10.Richard Blank
11.Gopi Boray
12.Julian Boyce
13.Bob Bradley
14.Cyril Bright
15.Cassaundra Britton
16.Thanh Bui
17.Karen Butler
18.Jerry Calderone
19.Tony Carey
20.Jeanette Cartron
21.Bob Chan
22.Robert Chandler
23.Janice Chang
24.Mike Chatman* 
25.Mike Chatman son #1*
26.Mike Chatman son #2*
27.Nicol Christie
28.Susann Clawson
29.Vernon Clayton
30.Kim Crawley
31.June Dea
32.Robert Friedel 
33.Baby Garrido*
34.Edward Garrido 
35.Mrs. Garrido*
36.George Gillian
37.Carol Graham
38.Ernie Graham
39.Donna Harris
40.Steve Heckleman
41.John Hicks
42.Ellie Hochman
43.Tina Hunter 
44.Kip James
45.Lou Janesko
46.Emmett Jordan
47.Steve Klees
48.Jerry Lang
49.Nelson Lee
50.Tiros Lee
51.Tiro's friend Jennifer
52.Rich Majewski*
53.Ronnie Mancho
54.Rohan Mandaiker
55.Shawn Mandaiker
56.Asif Mirza
57.Abigail Mobit
58.Farshid Moghimi
59.Ken Mpare
60.Andrea Murray
61.Lisa Nelson
62.Dean Ogata
63.Dean's friend Natalie
64.Dean's friend Farnad 
65.Pete Panetta
66.Carmena Paris
67.George Person* 
68.Mary Pham 
69.Shawn Pindell
70.Shawn's friend Sherri 
71.John Prakash
72.Glenn Racine
73.Barry Remley
74.Ronnie Scher
75.Barbara Schools
76.Worku Seifu 
77.Bob Serber
78.Alfred Sesay
79.Sam Shaibani
80.Dave Shenk
81.Siafa Sherman
82.Laura Sherwood
83.Ann Wagner
84.Julie Wolff
85.Michael Wong
86.Ben Yee
87.Ben's friend Kate*
88.Marie Young 
Format: Play up to 4 no-ad games. No tie-break. Whichever side reach "4" first (i.e. 4 to 0, 4 to 1, 4 to 2, or 4 to 3) then the set ends & the players switch.

If you have suggestions or questions
for future socials please email, or 301-595-5744