Proposals for 2015 Season
Last updated March 16, 2015 3:00 pm.

1) Let's make all ladders pyramid ladders like Open Singles.
2) Let's give players 14 instead of 7 days to give 2 dates that they are available to play.
3) We have $8,622.43 in our checking account so let's try to
  donate $2,500/year to charities for the next 3 years or so.
4) Change: Players that join after July 15 don't get a free challenge.
      To: Players don't have to, but can, accept free challenges after July 15.


The rest is similar to 2014 Proposals.

1) Free CTL 2015 membership - If you want to join, challenge somebody already on the ladder. There were no matches played on on the Womens Singles, Womens Doubles and Mixed Doubles ladders so all players will be removed from these ladders. Players that didn't play a 2014 match will be removed from the Open Singles and Open Doubles ladders. Please send email if you want to be removed from a ladder.

2) Play for your favorite charity - $125 will be donated to the charity of their choice to:
(a) the 10 players that play against the most different opponents, defaults don't count and
(b) the 10 players that play the most GAMES. More at 7) below.

3) Tennis Engine (TE) -
is more automated than the current CTL ladders and you don't have to play every month but you might gradually drop for not playing. For 2015 the plan is to put the Open Singles and Open Doubles Ladder on TE (here) and also keep the current format. In 2016 maybe we will only use TE. Please (email) to get your TE password.

4) The 5 CTL ladders start on April 15 and end on October 15.

5) Free Leagues and Tournaments? Although these have never been too successful in the past.

6) Drop In Tennis
- means players show up and play with others that show up. Kindly (email)if you know of a Drop In Tennis group that's looking for more players so it can be listed here. For example: on Saturday mornings, go to the six Fairland Regional Park courts at 3928 Greencastle Rd in Burtonsville, MD. If we have enough willing players perhaps we can have somewhat formal One Day Round Robins. All Levels Welcome. You can just show up or sign up here.

7) Play for your favorite charity – More -
Matches must be valid ladder matches played in the Colesville vicinity and at least one complete match must be played. The CTL Board will decide if it's an acceptable charity. Players at the top of ladders may be at a disadvantage, so let's allow players to make Down Challenges and players must accept these challenges if they are not Under Challenge. And players can be on the ladder more than once to help those at the top to get these prizes. But these last two suggestions may be changed or removed if they present too many problems. You will probably have to do your own counting because the counting may not be automated. Ladders end Oct 15. Please submit your counts by Nov 1. In case of ties, the players with the best won/lost percentages: matches then sets then games will win the ties. If there is still a tie some type of Paper, Rock, Scissors will be used. (Charity Donations).

8) Email List Cleanup -
Players that played at least one ladder match in 2013 or 2014 will remain on the CTL email list unless they (email) that they want to be removed. Players that did not play a ladder match in 2013 or 2014 will be removed unless they (email) that they want to remain on the list.

9) Greenbelt Tennis Association website - Kindly visit

10) Suggestions, Questions or Corrections - send (email) or 301-595-5744.