Colesville Tennis Ladder (CTL) Rules
Last Updated April 8,2018

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0.What should we do with the $1,500 we had in our checking account at the beginning of 2018? We can't do what we did for the last five years (2013-2017) which was donate an average $2,500/year to the charities of their choice for the ten most active players. Because we only have $1,500 left. So let's make it the top six most active players? Other (email)? See (Charity Donations)?

1. The CTL season runs from April 15 through October 15.

2.a Each player/team(P/T) must play one match each calendar month or they will be dropped to the bottom along with all others that didn't play that month. Starting in 2017, if there are no objections, let's put all inactive players for a month in their own tier at the bottom of the ladder so there are less violations of the Free Challenge within 31 days rule.

b. A P/T in ladder position 1 at the beginning of the month will not be required to play a match that month unless they are challenged, in which case they must accept all challenges in accordance with these rules.

c. For purposes of this rule, April/May & Sept/Oct are treated as one month. This means that a P/T must play only one match during these periods to retain their ladder position. However, if a P/T has already played a match & is challenged again during these 47/45 day periods, they must accept the challenge in accordance with these rules. Players do not have to accept challenges after Oct. 1.

3. A P/T which makes a challenge & wins moves into the ladder position held by the losing P/T when the match ends. All intervening P/Ts move down one position.

4. Starting in 2017 Players are allowed to have more than one doubles partner on each doubles ladder.

5. A P/T must provide a local phone number where they can be reached for setting up matches. Most players also provide an email address but some players don't check their email every day. Please call if your email or text is not answered. Players may provide a cell phone for texting.

Ladder Chairpersons

1. Ladder chairpersons have the final voice on all questions & disputes arising out of play on their respective ladders.

2. The names & phone numbers of ladder chairpersons appear near the top of the ladders. Please don't call before 9 am or after 11 pm to obtain names & report matches. Please use the CTL web site for current standings & to obtain ladder chairperson's email addresses. You can use email addresses and texting anytime, 24/7.

Making Challenges

1. Free challenges. Each P/T on a ladder at the start of the season has one free challenge (they may challenge anyone on the ladder). The free challenge must be made & played by May 31. Challengers may not move to a new position as a result of a default on a free challenge. However, the defaulting challenged P/T will drop down one position.

2. New P/Ts joining the ladder after April 30 have one free challenge which must be played within one month of joining the ladder. Players that join after July 15 don't get a free challenge unless the challenged player agrees to play them.

It was suggested that starting in 2018 challenged players can accept challenges from anybody anytime on the ladder regardless of the 2 tier limit!
. (email)

3a.All ladders are Pyramid Ladders with tiers. The top tier has one P/T. This is the P/T at the top of the ladder, the number one position. Other tiers will have one more P/T than the tier above it. If there are no objections starting in 2017 let's put all inactive players from a previous month in one bigger tier at the bottom of the ladder. P/Ts may challenge those on their tier & the two tiers above them. P/T's in position 7 & 8 may challenge three tiers above them.

3b.The above rule (3a) applies even if some of these positions are turned over and, therefore, not available for play.

4. To make a challenge, a P/T should go to or contact the appropriate ladder chairperson to obtain the names of the P/Ts in their range. If a P/T makes & plays a challenge match without first calling the ladder chairperson or going to & the challenged P/T is out of the challenger's range, the match is null & void for the challengers. The challenged P/T will be credited with a match if the chairperson is notified.

5. You challenge for the position that the player is in after the match is played not the position the player is in when the challenge is made.

6. Challenges should be made within a day or two at most after obtaining the names of P/Ts within range. If more time elapses, please make sure the opponent(s) are in range.

7. A P/T may make more than one challenge at a time. However, if someone challenges you, you must accept the challenge even if you have already challenged someone else but not yet played the match.

8. If a P/T makes a challenge & loses the match (by play or default), they must make & play an intervening challenge match or wait seven days before re-challenging the same P/T.

Accepting Challenges

1. As soon as possible, but not more than 48 hours after being challenged, a challenged P/T must offer two reasonable days & times for the match within fourteen(14) days of the challenge or give a default. Giving the same date and time, like the next 2 Mondays at 6:30 pm, might be considered unreasonable.

2. A challenged P/T must offer one evening or one weekend time (which one to offer is at their discretion) if the challenged P/T is employed & requests such time.

3. A P/T may accept more than one challenge at a time but may decline challenges if one is already pending. You should tell the challengers that you are already under challenge and, as a courtesy, you should give the challengers the name(s) of the first challengers & the day set for the match. (Remember, a P/T may make a challenge even though they have already accepted a challenge for the same time period.)

Illnesses, Injuries, Vacations, & other Acts of God

Turnovers: If a P/T will be unavailable for play during a period of time, they must report this to the appropriate ladder chairperson who will "turn their name(s) over" during the period they are unavailable. This means that their names will not be given out to challengers by the ladder chairperson & they will not be required to accept challenges during that period. P/Ts who are turned over are still required to play one match during the month.

a. If a P/T fails to notify the ladder chairperson that they want to be turned over, & they are challenged, they must accept the challenge in accordance with these rules or they must give a default.

b. A P/T may be turned over for a maximum of three weeks during a season without losing ladder position for not accepting matches. The three weeks may be used at one time or be divided up as the P/T desires.

c. Should Turnovers carry over to the next season? A proposal since 2015 is that players should not have to accept October challenges. But let's say that a player plays a match on September 1 and then turns them self over for the rest of the season. If they decide to play the next year must they challenge to get their spot back?

Inactive List: If a P/T will be unavailable for play for more than three weeks during a season, they should notify the appropriate ladder chairperson(s). Their names will be put on an inactive list and will not appear in the ladder listing or be given out to challengers. When they are ready to play again, they must challenge back for their old position (or any place below). If they lose, they get the position ten places below the challenged position. 2018: P/Ts on the inactive list will not be dropped to the bottom if they do not play a match during a month they are inactive.

Playing Matches

1. Matches are to be played at one of the local courts in the Colesville-White Oak-Cloverly area. Players may mutually agree to play elsewhere.

2. Challengers must furnish new USTA approved tennis balls.

3. All matches will be two out of three sets. The twelve point tie-breaker is played at six all. If all players agree, players may play no-ad or a tie-breaker, usually "ten points wins", in place of a third set.

4. Courtesies: Ten minute warm-up. Please allow enough time for three sets.

5. A match is null & void if, prior to match time, players agree that weather conditions are such that the match is not playable. The challenged P/T must give two additional days & times within the next seven days for a match or give a default, unless they have already turned over.

6. Matches interrupted because of weather, darkness or court time limitations should be continued from the point of interruption within the next seven days unless a P/T is already turned over. If the challenged P/T cannot offer two additional days & times, they must give a default.

Reporting Matches

Winners should notify the ladder chairperson as soon as possible (within 48 Hours. If there are no objections let's make it 96 hours starting 2017.) after a match is played or after default occurs even if there is no change in ladder position.

Defaults "Default" is not a disgrace. If you can't play, offer a default, not an excuse.

1. When a challenged P/T defaults, they drop one ladder position. Except in the case of free challenges, the challenging P/T moves into the position of the defaulting player(s).

2. A default occurs when:

a. A challenged P/T cannot or will not offer two reasonable days and times within the next fourteen(14) days for a match.

b. A P/T cannot continue a match because of illness, injury or other personal reason.

c. A challenged P/T cancels a match or drops off the ladder before the match is played.

d. A player is more than 15 minutes late for a match.

3. Defaulters cannot count a default as fulfilling the one match per month requirement.

4. If a player is involved in a default, additional DW-DL columns for Defaults Won-Lost will be added to the players normal W-L stats to show Defaults Won and Defaults Lost.